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    May 03, 2021 2 min read


    Adopting a zero-waste lifestyle is a must nowadays.

    You may not feel the consequence of global warming right now, but in some other places, they already getting the vengeance of nature.

    With that said, we want to help you with how to have a zero-waste lifestyle as it is also a vital thing for the survival of the world.

    Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be perfect.

    You just need to start with adopting the5 R’s, which arerefuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and rot.

    If you do… know that taking action today will make a big difference over the long-term. 

    In this article, we’re going to share simple ways to improve the sustainability practices in your home.


    Go paperless

    Going back to the old days, we know paper is very essential for us in so many ways.

    But as technologies are improving and innovating, sadly papers these days are easily tossed away as waste both ethically or unethically. 

    So instead of using paper, you can use the right software application using your desktop, laptop, or mobile device. 

    Thankfully, files can now be stored digitally and information can be shared easily by using collaboration software.

    Lastly, ensure that you implement a simple way to categorize any paper waste so that it can be picked up by the specialist recycler and recycled ethically.


    Use no plastic around the home as possible

    Plastics are still a massive problem for the environment. 

    That’s because a lot of cheap products are available in the market made with it.

    In order to help our planet not just today but in the years to come...

    Look and choose wisely what products you buy especially those that you’ll be using in and around your home.

    So what are the sample products we can use as an alternative for plastics?

    Products that are made from Bamboo!

    Why Bamboo?

    Bamboo is the fastest growing grass on the planet, which makes it the most renewable resource that exists. 

    It is one of the most ecological, organic resources on the planet.

    Not only that- it’s ultra-strong, flexible, and beautiful when produced right. 


    Avoid purchasing goods with a lot of packaging

    So much packaging that goes into the product is one of the reasons people accumulate so much waste.

    So you must avoid purchasing these goods and aim for fresh options that are unpackaged such as fresh fruits and vegetables.

    Also, you could venture to the butcher’s with your own reusable storage containers and have them place the cuts of meat in them, rather than having them place it with some additional packaging that will get thrown out later.

    Aside from that, look for a product that goes along withecologically recycled packaging.


    Does this something help you in any way? We would be happy if you to let us know in the comment box below. =)

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