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    About Us


    An-Earth-Friendly-Family Business 

    Our personal lives revolve around sustainable living and ecological thinking - And these are the values we pass on to our kids. As parents, we learn to understand our enormous influential power over kids.
    And since our children are the future of the planet, we have a direct influence on this future. 
    For this reason, we created TEYGA
    Together with our incredible team, hailing from seven different countries, we are innovating, designing, and manufacturing unique alternatives for those essential products found in and around the home. ALL made from Bamboo!


    Bamboo is the fastest-growing grass on the planet, 
    which makes it the most renewable resource that exists. 
    It captures a large amount of CO2 and releases more oxygen than the equivalent stand of trees. Bamboo requires no irrigation, fertilizers, or replanting, and it grows in a wide range of environments. All of these make bamboo one of the most ecological, organic resources on the planet.
    On top of all that- it’s ultra-strong, flexible, and beautiful when produced right.


    We strongly believe that mothers have the most influence on the values their kids absorb. In those early years, among any educator, teacher, or public figure that you expose your kids to - mothers will have the greatest impact through their unique emotional approach.

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