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    April 30, 2021 3 min read


    We are an earth-friendly family, whose personal lives revolve around sustainable living and ecological thinking – the values we pass on to our kids. 

    As we move into the innovative alternatives for a plastic-free planet…
    We want to ensure this movement keeps growing.

    We want mothers to have the most influence on the values their kids absorb…all the way while using things they can have to live more sustainably

    So we can continue to empower every family especially mothers for generations to come. 

    We want to encourage all mothers to educate their children today about sustainable living and ecological thinking as they have a direct influence on this future.

    That’s our greatest mission—and a significant undertaking. 

    We can’t do it alone.

    So to keep this momentum going, we need your help.

    Through our own experiences, hearing your stories, and seeing your living example, we’ve gathered a few ways to help build momentum in the Earth-Friendly Family.

    Whether you’re new to our Earth-Friendly Family or just looking for new ways to spread this pro-environmental message, here are a few ideas… 

    1. Reuse What You Can


    Always think that you have the option to reuse something around your home before you throw it away. 

    Carrier bags and coffee cups, these two examples get used and dumped all the time, with trillions of the latter produced every year. 

    To avoid so much unnecessary waste…

    Reuse these things as much as you possibly can. 

    You see, this is so easy to do and there’s really no reason not to.


    2. Never Waste Your Food


    Don’t you know that you’re actually harming the planet when you’re throwing food away? 

    One of the worst offenders for carbon emissions is food wastage.

    It’s very important you do what you can to avoid throwing stuff away. 

    So here’s friendly advice... 

    When you cook, make smaller portions so you could be sure you will eat it all. 

    Only buy what you know you’ll eat. 

    Lastly, do not go shopping on an empty stomach.


    3. Use Less Water

    If you have still lots of water supply today...I hope you’re not wasting it.


    You see, due to issues like climate change and energy production, several billion people already deal with water shortages. 

    And in some parts of the world, this resource could be hard to come by soon.

    That’s not what we want.

    To avoid such shortages, it’s best to limit how much water you use at any one time. 

    You can start it by not spending more time in the shower than necessary and relying on a dishwasher if you have one.

    4. Talk with like-minded people.

    One way to keep on track all the way in pursuing sustainable living is to be a shining example of pro-environmental for others.

    Seek out opportunities to talk with or be around like-minded people, either in person or virtually. You may not know that it may influence family, friends, and even new people you meet for years to come. 

    Or, look for the alternative ways in helping you along in this journey and consider how these things will help you MORE. 

    You can find more sustainable living ideas onour blog and ourFacebook page

    5. Share your story.

    Those are a few of our suggestions on how to grow an Earth-Friendly Family. But we want to know YOUR thoughts. 

    Telling your story can be a powerful testimonial of what’s possible.

    By telling your story right here in the comments or on our Facebook page, you can start sharing us now. 

    A few questions to help...

    • How did your sustainable living journey story begin?
    • What does your sustainable living life look like right now?
    • Are you already spreading this message? If so, how?


    To each and every one of you—thank you for joining our earth-friendly family, for sharing your knowledge and experience with us, and for being positive, inspiring sustainable living role models. We appreciate you!

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