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    April 30, 2021 2 min read

    Have you ever thought of this question?...

    “Will my actions today affect my great-grandchildren of my great-grandchildren 200 hundred years from now?”

    Well, if you are into sustainable and ecological thinking, you may consider answering this one.

    Sadly, too many people in the modern industrial world still think that the environment is something apart or outside from themselves. 

    The reality is that everything we do is a subset of the environment and has a great impact on the future.

    And it’s no denying that it will take a global effort to affect a global change on our environmental impact. 

    You see, there are small steps that we as individuals can take, that when compounded globally we will have a big impact.

    So today, we’ve compiled 3 Tips of easy actionable changes you can make for Living Your Best, Sustainable Living.

    Tip #1: Start recycling

    Starting to recycle isn’t tough.

    And since there are more and more recyclable products available out there...

    It’s the perfect way to start living a more eco-friendly lifestyle. 

    On a regular basis, see if you can make a switch to some more recyclable options. 

    Buying products made of recycled material such as plastic containers and printer paper are also recommended.


    Tip #2: Switch off those appliances

    You may say, that certain activities such as putting the heating on can use up a large amount of energy. 

    Although, there are some appliances that do this even when they’re turned off. 

    For instance, keeping your TV on standby feels like you’re not wasting energy - which is a wrong assumption.  

    For more than 11 hours every day, 98% of households have their TV on standby… resulting in an annual loss of about $30 million. 

    So to give our planet a huge favor, saving all the energy that gets lost this way could do.


    Tip #3: Install solar panels

    People who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint decide to rely less on electrical energy. 

    Instead, what they do is install solar panels on their roofs and use energy collected from the sunlight. 

    Doing so, not only does helps save the environment but also reduces the energy bill as well. 

    Hence, if you want to help to preserve the planet, installing solar panels on your roof is a real no-brainer. 

    When you get a solar battery as well, and you might even be able to reduce your energy bill to $0.

    Living sustainably isn’t easy as it may seem.

    It requires a lot of effort and flexibility. 

    By following these 3 tips, there should be nothing stopping you from living an eco-friendly life. 

    Our planet’s condition keeps worsening and it’s a good idea to keep an eye on some new ways to help preserve it. 

    Stay tuned to our page, because we’ll keep up posted o help you along the way for Living Your Best, Sustainable Living.

    Tell us: Proudly living sustainably? See every time you do so as an accomplishment? 

    Are you already doing all these things? Do you write bucket lists? If so, respond “yes” in the comments below, and tell us why you love being living sustainably.

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