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    Tasks Sign

    • ☑️ UNIQUE CUSTOMIZABLE SIGN – The ONLY dishwasher magnet cover that you can customize yourself. Write in any chore - from feeding the dog, to emptying the dishwasher, to whose turn it is to clean the kitty litter… At TEYGA we’re passionate about creating products that will level up your life and make things easier than ever!
    • ☑️ THE BEAUTY OF BAMBOO – Bamboo is not only beautiful to look at, but it’s also a beautiful, fast-growing, and eco-friendly resource! We try to use it in all our products. The stainless-steel dirty clean dishwasher magnet combined with bamboo is available in 5 different colors to match any kitchen.
    • ☑️ PREMIUM, SMART DESIGN – Ultra-strong dishwasher clean dirty magnet sign will hold fast against any magnetic surface. Two rare earth (neodymium) magnets are indented into the bamboo magnets- preventing scratches! Use the FREE double-sided tabs for all non-magnetic surfaces. Measures: 4x1.5x0.5 Inches.
    • ☑️ SUPER EASY TO READ – Have you accidentally used a dirty glass from the dishwasher, OR fed the dog too many times in one day? This easy to read wood clean / dirty dishwasher magnet puts a STOP to the confusion! Make sure to write in large, clear letters and you’re all set. Hold the little knob to swish the brushed steel window from side to side with ease.
    • ☑️ TEYGA HAPPINESS GUARANTEED - Every family has a unique routine and rhythm. Get things humming along in harmony with TEYGA customizable signs that you can stick up around your home. If for any reason, this is not the BEST clean or dirty dishwasher magnet you’ve ever had, we'll refund your money! The magnet is also backed by our 1-year warranty.