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    Craftly™ - Bamboo Craft Organizer

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    "My wife used to think that I didn't like our kids playing around the house, but I only hated the rubble they always left behind. This craft organizer has simply restored peace in my home.  Now the kids know how to clean up nicely after they play"

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- Liam M.
    ✅ Verified Buyer

    Things quickly get messy and disorganized when children play and work with craft items. It is frustrating for both parents and kids to lose track of exactly where the craft supplies are because everything is chaotic. When everything is in disarray it pushes children to stop crafting, blocks creativity and inspiration, and the creation becomes stressful.

    Introducing, Craftly™, a dynamic creation tool beautifully designed for optimal organization of play and craft items. Craftly™ sections can easily be reached and moved to save unnecessary strolling and increase concentration. Now, the whole family creates fun memories while crafting together and children grow into responsibility by learning to take out what they need and flawlessly bring it back soon after.



    ✅ INSTANT AND OPTIMAL ORGANIZATION: Craftly™ has a vast room for over 550 pens and markers, craft items, and other supplies. All can be instantly organized, easily reached, used, and replaced, to maintain organization and clearness in creation.

    ✅ LASTS FOR YEARS TO COME: Craftly™ is made of strong and durable bamboo and can last your family for years while maintaining its shine. This means more family fun activities with the strong assurance that Craftly™ will continue to support them.


    ✅ 100% SAFE CREATION: Craftly™ is made of Pro-Earth natural bamboo that's completely biodegradable and safe for kids and the whole family. For a strong assurance that there is zero risk of toxins, sharp edges, or tiny splinters that kids can swallow.

    ON-THE-SPOT CREATION: Craftly™ is armed with a strong 360 degrees rotation mechanism. Thus, picking up any craft item can be done on the spot, and with a simple spin, everything is within reach. 



    ✅ 9 DYNAMIC DRAWERS:To facilitate creativity and immersive play for children and creatives, Craftly™ has nine dynamic sections where craft items can be arranged by colors and types. Things are found flawlessly and can be pulled out so that only sections needed are in use at every point in time.

    ✅ A PIECE OF DECOR: Unlike most organizers which are usually ugly and monotonous, the Craftly™ is beautiful and decorative. It has a classic hand-made bamboo design and is smoothened out perfectly, to enjoy its natural feel.


    ✅ MULTI PURPOSES USE: Craftly™ sections are placed on a tray, by removing them, it can be instantly used as a spinner tray. A prestigious and impressive solution to organize or serve other things like kitchen supplies, makeup, office supplies, and even a variety of food for guests.



    We understand that while our kids create, the area becomes a total mess of disorganized and scattered craft supplies. When every craft being used is dropped on the floor to reach for another, finding it again and organizing all crafts back is distracting and frustrating for both parents and kids. Studies show that messy play has an important role in infancy, but when our kids grow, disorganization and clutter are just avoidable burdens.

    Crafty™ is a supreme solution for the efficient retrieval and return of craft supplies, to keep a creative house in order. Placing it in the creation area allows any one of our crafting kids to choose and pull near them exactly what they need. This allows a fun, easy, and clean creation process by our kids that will keep us, the parents, stress-free and at ease that all crafts will be brought back to their place.


    Products Specifications:

    Height: 3 inches

    Width: 10.5 inches

    Length: 10.5 inches

    Inside the package:

    (1) X Rotational Tray
    (8) X Trapezoid Sections
    (1) X Octagon Section


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