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    Cabinky™ - Bamboo Pacifier House - HOLIDAYS SALE

    The Cabinky™ is an innovative and full-proof ‘lost pacis’ solution that is guaranteed to restore peace and calm in every home. It keeps all the pacifiers in one safe place that can easily be reached whenever the baby needs pacifying. Cabinky™ also encourages minimalism, saves money, and keeps pacifiers clean and safe.

    “This is one of the most amazing products I have encountered. This 'Pacifier house' definitely helps with all the thousands of pacifiers scattered around my house. It encourages minimalism − to pick only 3, I like it. It also comes with a beautiful comic story that I tell my kid to encourage him to return the pacifiers to their house and leave them there. It is indeed helping to accelerate the weaning process”

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- Maayan Halimi

    ✅ Verified Buyer

    When pacifiers are nowhere to be found, babies get fussy and restless, and parents feel helpless. It is both unnerving and infuriating to waste precious time in search of lost pacifiers and to waste money in keeping on buying more and more. Frightening as it is, lost pacifiers can also be a source of health risk for babies because they can get contaminated in the process.

    Presenting, Cabinky™ - Bamboo Pacifier House.

    The TEYGA Bamboo Pacifier House is an innovative and full-proof‘lost pacis’ solution that is guaranteed to restore peace and calm in every home. It keeps all the pacifiers in one safe place that can easily be reached whenever the baby needs pacifying. The Pacifier House also encourages minimalism, saves money, and keeps pacifiers clean and safeThe accompanied story ongoingly reinforces babies' blissful care for their pacifiers - imitating and reflecting a house in which the pacifiers come back, eventually for good!


    INSTANT ORGANIZATION:Cabinky™ is the first step to a calm home. It keeps all three pacifiers instantly organized and within reach so that they can easily be reached when needed and returned afterward. This makes parenting newborns and toddlers stress-free and reassuring.

    SEAMS HOLES IN OUR POCKET: Without knowing it, parents spend huge amounts of dollars on replacing lost pacifiers. This accumulates to thousands through baby’s infancy and early childhood, and shockingly, hundreds of dollars out of the bank accounts. Cabinky™ effectively solves this with its protected and fall-proof place for ALL pacifier types out there.

    DEVELOP FIRST ACCOUNTABILITY SEEDS: Children are naturally observant and fast learners. When they see that the pacifiers always go home to the house after use, they learn to pick the pacifiers from the house and return it afterward. Thus developing a charming sense of ownership, preference, and independence.

    FAST & EASY WEANING: It is well known that in infancy and early childhood, kids learn best through stories and imagination. Our infancy-adjusted ‘House of the Pacifiers’ story encourages our baby to take care of her or his own pacifiers, to bring them back home every day after their travel, and eventually let them rest, making the displeasing weaning process be simple, fun, and fast!

    PACIFIERS DRYING ZONE: Cabinky™ serves as a hypoallergenic, clean, and exclusive space to dry and store pacifiers for constantly sterilizing and drying properly to keep the baby safe and parents assured.

    100% NATURAL BAMBOO: Cabinky™ is made of pro-earth biodegradable material and is completely safe for babies and the whole family. 


    Diana’s Story

    When I had my first child, Christine, we gave her her first pacifier when she was 3 weeks old. It helped to calm her and support her oral needs. It was lovely to see her grow to cherish her one pacifier. When Christine became more playful — we were thrilled about it, but soon she lost her only pacifier. We bought a few more that fit her age and as time went by, our house was full of pacifiers. We literally found one everywhere — behind a couch, beneath the mattress, and even in the kitchen drawers :)
    It was a REAL mess.

    That is when I found the Cabinky. It helped me immediately to create an order in my house. We have discovered that Christine and probably babies, in general, have a natural innate tendency to choose what they favor and have the feeling of their own place. In no time, our house became a 3-pacifier ONLY house. All 3 were perfectly organized in the TEYGA pacifier house. When one was taken from its house, the other stay up until the former was put back. I was so moved by that and felt so proud of Christine. And from that time on, I never bought any more pacifiers other than replacing one of them to match her age. Eventually, it became her number one.
    Not to mention Cabinky's story. It is so beautifully written that it helped Christine through the emotional weaning process, which thankfully went so smoothly and easily.




    Height: 5.87 in
    Width: 3.82 in
    Depth: 2.24 in


    (1) X Bamboo Pacifier House

    (1) X ‘House Of The Pacifiers” comics story So you’ll have an easy and fast weaning process.
    (1) X Magnetic House Theme So that your baby will have a colorful pacifier house.
    (1) X Adhesive plates So you can attach it magnetically everywhere you choose.
    (1) X Adhesive Hook and Loop So you can Hook it everywhere you wish.
    (2) X Screw anchor + Screw So you can literally fix it to your wall.
    (2) X Nails So you could nail it to any place.

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