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    Dishly™ - Bamboo Dishwasher Sign

    "After every wash, my wife would ask me, “are those dirty or clean?” And because we are busy, I completely forget if it’s a clean or dirty load. This is really a game-changer…lol. Now, we both know when things are clean or dirty in our dishwasher"

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- Dayana
    ✅ Verified Buyer

    Having to wonder if the dishwasher contains clean or dirty dishes is a common cause of awkward confusion and stress in most homes. Being the only one accountable for loading and unloading is hard, unbalanced, and feels like a huge hassle over time. The lack of a clear identifier of the dishes' status disorganizes the family’s choring routine, causing double choring and frustration.

    Introducing Dihshly™, a smart and affordable solution that shows the status of the dishes at a glance. Attaching it to the dishwasher instantly eliminates confusion, promises easy delegations, and brings clarity and simplicity to the choring process - especially for children. Once placed, all family members can rest assured that the next chore will be promptly and efficiently done with zero excuses in mind. 



    ✅ INSTANT ORGANIZATION: Dishly™ is designed to switch the status of the dishes in a glace with a simple slide or a flip. In an instant, it notifies or reminds everyone to run the dishwasher if dirty, or unload the dishwasher if clean, thus keeping the kitchen clean and organized at all times

    ✅ FULL VISIBILITY: Dishly™ Clean & Dirty captions are bold and clear enough to be read even from a distance. Everyone strolling in the kitchen will always easily know if the dishes are clean or dirty, especially kids who need extra simpler instructions. 



    ✅ KITCHEN CUSTOM DESIGNS: Dishly™ comes in five different colors and multiple beautifully crafted designs. It fit and blends in with any kitchen decor and elegantly complements all appliances around. 

    ✅ STAINLESS STEEL PROTECTION: Dishly™ slider is made with authentic and super reliable stainless steel that will last for years to come. The stainless steel will merge with other appliances in the kitchen and regardless of how many times it slides, it will remain free of scratches and corrosion. 


    ✅ LAST FOR YEARS: Dishly™ is made of strong and sturdy bamboo and can last your family for years because it is completely falls-durable and scratch-proof. This means a trusted long-lasting accountability companion for a more functional and productive family.

    ✅ MULTIPLE STRONG ATTACHMENTS: Dishly™ is fitted with two pieces of the strongest magnets in the world (neodymium magnets) and extra double-sided adhesives. This is to ensure that it sticks firmly, with any movement, wherever it is placed - both on magnetic and non-magnetic surfaces.


    ✅ SEAMLESS CHORING: With Dishly™, everyone gets a reliable accountability partner, totally eliminating double-choring or no-choring. It is also a fun and clever way of teaching kids to look forward to choring as they will likely enjoy sliding or flipping the sign.

    ✅ PRO EARTH MATERIAL: Dishly™ is made of 100% natural bamboo. It assured a feeling of safety for everyone and for mother earth while contributing to the reduction of carbon footprint.  



    We understand that dishwasher chores can be a source of arguments and confusion. The daily work around dishes is endless and we often find ourselves alone and neglected, asking over and over from other family members to assist. A latest study found that the number #2 cause of conflicts in the family revolves around ongoing chores such as cleaning the dishes. 

    Dishly™ is the simplest and smartest way for maintaining order and flow in dishwasher chores. After we set who's in charge of each state of the dishes, clean or dirty, we attached Dishly™ and in a single slide or a flip, everybody knows if this is their turn. Thus, keeping the peace and healthy communication in the family, leaving excuses out



    Product Specifications

    Rectangular Sign:

    Height: 1.5 Inches
    Width: 4.21 Inches
    Depth: 0.41 Inches


    Round Sign:

    Diameter: 3 Inches
    Thickness 0.3 Inches

    Inside The Package:

    (1) X Dishwasher Sign
    (2) X 3M Double Sided Adhesive (For Rectangular Sign Only)


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