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    BamBox™ - Bamboo Cable Management Box

    "I have four BamBoxes in various colors in various rooms around my house and will 100% buy more. If you hate the visual clutter and the safety hazard of too many exposed cables and cords, you will love this box! It is well worth the price paid. The bamboo is substantial and well-finished with smooth, rounded corners. The magnetized lid is easy enough for an adult to open but would pose a challenge to a very small child or pet"

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Stella E.
    ✅ Verified Buyer


    Whether in living rooms or workspaces, there is an unavoided need for cords and power strips. Having to mess with jumbled and tangled cables, plugs and cords is infuriating and dangerous. Tangled wires and plugs are traps that can cause electrical hazards, are incredibly messy and are sore to the eyes causing an awful amount of stress when loved ones get near them.

    Introducing, BamBox™, this unique bamboo box promises to declutter and hide all the unsightly cords in the most sustainable and stylish way out there. It helps to neatly organize cables in order to maximize limited space and assure safety and protection. Keeping all the mess in one place increases calmness, facilitates productivity at work, and makes every home a blissful abode.





    ✅ EFFECTIVE ORGANIZATION: The BamBox neatly accumulates and stores away sockets, cables, and power units, while allowing ease of flow. With all the cables beautifully organized, it is easier to work, entertain, and play confidently

    ✅ IMPROVED SAFETY: BamBox comes with a secure magnetic cover lid which helps to effectively keep wires out of reach from curious children and pets to prevent cable-related accidents, keeping everyone safe.


    ✅ STRONG AND STURDY BAMBOO: BamBox is made of strong natural bamboo that handles falls and external pressure gracefully and is hand-crafted to perfection, just to guarantee its uncompromising quality and reliability, so it will last for years to come.

    ✅ TOP NOTCH DESIGN: BamBox unique-rounded design adds an extra touch of class and perfection to any space. Its eye-catching minimalist bamboo design is guaranteed to blend in well, adorning living rooms, workstations, and other living spaces. 





    ✅ FIVE COLORS AND 3 SIZES: BamBox is available in 5 beautiful colors and 3 sizes in order to match and complement any type of decor and to perfectly fit in most types of power strips on the market and the ones that are currently at home.

    ✅ PRO EARTH SAFE MATERIAL: BamBox is made out of 100% natural and sustainable bamboo that is completely safe for everyone. To be rest assured that carbon footprints are reduced and loved ones stay protected 



    We understand that tangled and exposed cords can be a huge stress factor, especially if you’re a parent to young kids and chewing-lover pets. When working or just resting, the last thing we want to occupy our minds with are the electrical hazards around us. Studies found that parents are most stressed about unexpected and surprising hazards to their loved ones around the house.

    Thankfully, BamBox helps to drastically increase the feeling of safety and security for the whole family. Easily store all messy cords and power strips out of sight, while enhancing your interior with a piece of decor. Enjoy an immediate raise of calmness and protection in your own space!



    Product Specifications

    For Double-Row Power Strips - Premium


    Length: 16 Inches
    Width: 6.5 Inches
    Height: 5.5 Inches


    Length: 14.5 Inches
    Width: 5.2 Inches
    Height: 4.5 Inches

    For Double-Row Power Strips


    Length: 15.8 Inches
    Width: 5.8 Inches
    Height: 4.8 Inches


    Length: 15 Inches
    Width: 5.2 Inches
    Height: 4.2 Inches

    For Single-Row Power Strips

    Length: 15 Inches
    Width: 4.5 Inches
    Height: 5.2 Inches

    Length: 14.4 Inches
    Width: 3.9 Inches
    Height: 4.6 Inches

    Inside The Package:

    (1) X BamBox


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