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    May 04, 2021 2 min read


    Climate change is unavoidable.

    You like it or not, it already happening.

    Now the thing is that the biggest changes will have to take place at a corporate and legislative level.

    But that doesn’t mean that every person is helpless. 

    To improve the environment we live in and make the world a better place for all, there are things everyone can do.

    Ways such as recycling and reducing energy consumption.

    But here’s a twist... that’s not the focus of this article. 

    Below you will find out 3 not-so-obvious ways you don’t know that you’re helping the environment.


    1. Shop Online

    You may think thatonline shopping is just for the lazy and convenience-based shopper. 

    But don’t you know, there’s an advantage to doing it so?

    It will save on fuel, limit carbon dioxide emissions, and use less energy.

    At first thought, you may argue, “how could shopping online possibly reduce the amount of energy and emissions to the environment?” 

    You see, the logistics of online shopping are well-planned and incredibly efficient.

    For instance, when ten people a day decided to shop online instead of in-store. They have the same delivery trucks that would simply be loaded with a few more items.  And quite possibly ten less gas-guzzling cars would be on the streets.


    2. Create Your Own Compost Pile

    Everyone’s heard of the term recycling, but fewer people have heard about composting. 

    Am I right?

    Composting essentially means recycling nutrients back into the environment — this keeps food out of landfills and helps to enrich the soil.

    So here’s my advice. 

    Start your own compost pile.

    It is just incredibly easy and can be a fun way for you and your family to help the environment.

    You see, Canada is one of the greenest cities.

    In Toronto, a lot of individuals have a wide variety of green and environmentally-friendly initiatives in place for their tenants. 

    So, if you don’t feel comfortable or still having some hesitation starting your own compost pile, think that these community ones still work just as well!


    3. Be Mindful of Expiration Dates

    Remember how many items in the last week alone have you had to pitch because they expired? 

    I’m guessing more than you are willing to admit.

    It is important to know how expiration dates work because they can also help cut back on wasted food.

    Foods or items you may have thought you needed to throw away were actually still good for another couple of days. 

    It may lead you to risk getting sick by eating something you thought was still OK to eat.


    As conclusion, remember saving the environment is a global issue but it doesn’t mean you can’t contribute at a local level. 

    You can do a ton of things on a daily basis to help protect and restore the world we live in. 

    Those 3 not-so-obvious ways above mentioned are just a few unexpected ways to get the job done.


    Learned something new? I would love to hear your takeaways. =) Feel free to comment below.



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